When in Kenya…

running with the keyans

In a previous blog, I mentioned that I had found a Kenyan running partner, Sammy. The reality is that he is more like my coach than my partner. I’ve shaved more than 2 minutes off my 5K in just a few weeks. We also joined a local running group, the Urban Swaras. The group meets every Saturday morning at 7am for a long run – 10K, 15K, 20K or 30K. Sammy and I learned pretty quickly that whoever marks the course plays a little trick on the runners. Our “10K” two Saturdays ago was actually 12.2. Then, this past Saturday, the 10K was completely up hill!

Joining the group has been a great way for me to stay in shape, meet new people – both Kenyans and ex-pats – and see Nairobi and the surrounding areas. It’s a great running group consisting of a diverse group of runners in speed and fit. I am a slow runner but, thankfully, don’t get left too far behind. I am hoping to graduate to the 15K soon and looking forward to many more Saturday runs.

The nice British man that bought me and Sammy a cup of tea after our run this week mentioned the book Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn. Finn packed up his family of five and moved to Kenya for 6 months to discover the secrets of the fastest people on earth. I started the book two days ago and already half way through. It’s a fascinating read especially for anyone who enjoys running.

Happy running!

2 thoughts on “When in Kenya…

  1. Your running group sounds wonderful as does the book. You sound happy 🙂 I had a notice this morning that there were some new pictures, but I couldn’t find them..?? Love, Joanne

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