Feel Good

For the past several years, New Hope Initiative has provided basic healthcare for the students at New Hope Academy and Penda Project, and the women of Project Biashara. Working with a local nurse, NHI has been providing on-site consultations, giving out needed medicines, and referring special cases to a larger clinic or national hospital. Generous US donors have now provided a new building to house our healthcare services and start the foundation of a community clinic. Two weeks ago, we hired a new nurse, Olive, that is helping us set up the clinic and begin assessing the healthcare needs of the people in our projects.

Nurse Olive

Due to poor sanitation and lack of clean water, Kibera is riddled with diseases that most developed countries have all but eradicated. Major diseases in Kibera include malaria, tuberculosis, measles, HIV/AIDS and waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid. Diarrheal disease represents a huge problem in Kibera as well. There are many clinics in Kibera that provide the necessary care to combat these diseases. Many of these clinics cost money and are accessed too late by the sick individual. Through our on-site clinic, NHI will be able to monitor the overall health of the individuals in our projects and not only handle the day-to-day healthcare needs but also help educate and train individuals on preventive care for themselves.
Nurse Olive has already begun seeing our students and women to care for their immediate needs. Last week, she started individual assessments to gain knowledge and information about particular needs and keep a record of healthcare history. Olive is excited about educating individuals in personal healthcare practices through group trainings, print materials and access to outside resources.
Please pray for Nurse Olive as she gets started in our clinic. Also, pray that we would complete the work on the building and be approved as a registered clinic by the government.

Nurse Olive consults with one of our academy students.

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